City Publishing Program is a support system that uses the city budget for the publication intellectually and socially significant literary works and multimedia products about Moscow and Russia, their history and modern life. The beginning of this work is connected with the program “History of Moscow: from Ancient Times to the Present Day” and the program dedicated to the celebration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow.

Moscow Publishing Program is formed on the basis of proposals and applications received by Moscow Government that go through expert and competitive selection, which is carried out by Moscow City Department of Mass Media and Advertising and specially created public associations — the City Book Publishing Expert Сommittee, the Moscow City Book Publishing Council and the Sectoral Сommittee of the Department of Subsidy Provision.

The content of the publishing projects participating in the City Program must meet the following requirements: the development of the city in the historical aspect, in the political, economic, social, cultural, spiritual spheres; the significance of Moscow in the world history, its role as a political, economic, cultural, scientific center of Russia, as well as the versatile relationship of the capital with the regions of Russia and abroad, and includes the following areas:

  • Moscow history, historical and memorable places of the city;
  • Moscow in literature, art, architecture;
  • Modern Moscow: people, facts, events; guide-books, albums, encyclopedic publications;
  • the life of famous Moscow citizens, memories about Moscow and the fortunes of famous Moscow dynasties;
  • publications for anniversaries, memorable dates and events, including patriotic literature related to the events of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, and other periods of manifestation of military valor in the defense of Motherland;
  • religious and educational literature in the life and history of Moscow;
  • publications for children and adolescents, literature for family reading;

In general more than 3,600 proposals and applications of publishers and authors have been considered since 1993 in the framework of the City Publishing Program, more than 1,000 titles of books and multimedia products have been published with a total circulation of over 6 million copies, which have been sent to city public and school libraries, public organizations, diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation, as well as Russian-speaking diasporas abroad.

The implementation of the publishing program to date has made it possible to support book publications of more than one hundred and fifty publishing houses and to attract many talented authors and groups of authors to collaborate.

Since 2006 a special gift book selected by the competition has been published annually at the expense of the city budget to be presented to Moscow schoolchildren. It is given to the first-graders of the city on behalf of the Government of Moscow on the eve of every New Year.

The main goals and objectives of the Department in the implementation of the City Publishing Program are:

  • supporting the publication of intellectually and socially significant books and multimedia products about Moscow;
  • donation of the part of the circulations of the products to the public city, school and university libraries for a wide audience of readers;
  • promotion of output products, formation of book displays to represent Moscow at book exhibitions and book industry events in Russia and abroad.

Moscow City Department of Mass Media and Advertising constantly participates in international and national book exhibitions and fairs, presenting the exposition "Publishing Program of Moscow Government". Since 2000 this exposition constantly replenished by new books published with the support of Moscow Government has been shown in more than 50 countries of the world at more than 230 major book forums. More than 100 books published since 2000 with the support of Moscow Government have won various federal book competitions, noted with diplomas and awards of prestigious international and national competitions.

Within the framework of each exhibition presentations of books by leading Russian writers published as a part of Moscow Сity Government Publishing Program are traditionally organized as well as literary meetings that allow broader audience of readers and visitors to get acquaintance with the books. At the end of the exhibitions these products are donated to Russian cultural and educational centers, public organizations related to the study of the Russian language, literature, cultural heritage, libraries of the Embassies of the Russian Federation and Moscow Houses in the countries where the events are held.

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